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Posted by tenku-the-gastropod - November 1st, 2019

--- i n t e r m i s s i o n ---


--- i n t e r m i s s i o n o v e r ---

Thank you for your support! :3

More arts to come in the following days, sit tight!

Posted by tenku-the-gastropod - October 14th, 2019

Back from update hiatus! There hasn't been too much news, I've lost excitement in a lot of ongoing personal projects, and those that I did finish, I've finished before I could write an update on them, it'd be pretty pointless by that stage :D

I think that there's plenty of art already out there as it is, even the extremely good quality, to the point that I don't feel much need to making more. Until then, I'm going over some old unfinished personal drawings or animations, and see if I can resurrect my hype and urgency in making them!

Soraka was requested quite a bit, and many attempts were made. Even for a draenei futa enthusiast as myself, I couldn't get into her banana antics for quite a long time. Later on, another request made me aware she has a Star Guardian variety which actually seems like a very nice change that I can work with! :D


It'll be Wholesome Missionary Position action, where Leona's tanky ass takes quite the pounding from the broccoli-goat! I'm still not 100% settled where all the bits of them should be. With all the anatomy adjustments and fixes, it'll still be pretty much like this!

I redrew a doodle of Wynette the Eggplant Elf and Diezy's clever Alliance disguise.


I'm not still fully happy with it, but I like the idea, I might go around improving things to it here and there.


Posted by tenku-the-gastropod - July 3rd, 2019

Emboldened by the success of the previous episode, our protagonist diligently works on even more glorious stuff, old and new! Here are some more of the new ideas that have popped up since then!


And this newly released bratty hula-hoop bitch has proven to be quite inspiring, as we set out to deliver on League of Legends requests one at a time! _@// Upper body is mostly sorted out, however tweaks are not out of question, especially the lower half of the picture! The coloring technique for this one will be a more simple one, which means it'll be done almost as soon as I've finished all the lines!


A cute, comfy light-forged goat commission with two versions which should be ready to color very soon, since it's been going smoothly so far-


For quite some time I've wanted to make something about Diezy's cheeky and especially eggplanty Void Elf disguise. It's super early in development, with lots of lines being moved around!


Posted by tenku-the-gastropod - June 10th, 2019

Sadly, things are quite messy IRL still, so we can't start commissions just yet!

After finishing one of the drawings from the previous episode, our fancy-shelled protagonist heads out once more to sharpen their skills, using the Amazing Diezy as a practice dummy in a training montage!


For this most graceful jumping spinning attack, we're going to try the more epic/realistic kind of shading. This technique was attempted before in a previous season, however the results weren't as fabulous as planned! Many things were learned since then, however, and it was deemed the time is right, to try again! _@//

The plan is to test out several new tricks to properly complete a tiny portrait bit, should it turn out alright, we'll finish the rest of the picture the same way!

And if it doesn't work out, it'll get drawn the tried and tested way!

Posted by tenku-the-gastropod - May 2nd, 2019

The dust's finally settled from the chaos of the past few weeks, and there's time to draw plenty again at last! At the start of each month from now on, I'll drop an update here on the goings on, and while at it, also share a selection of WIPs that are currently closest to completion! No snails, though, can't spoil where they are until it's done, can we, now? :> I'm thinking of opening Commisions again on a later date, until then, stay tuned!

A fan-art of Hotaru being teased a Demon Girl and her cohorts!


The cutest characters silly Tekah rendered. It proceeds quite well, everything is where it should be and it's ready to color once I've smoothed out all the line art!

Draebabes vs Henchbabes


A quicker, brutal picture of many more big Butcher-goats duking it out gloriously just like in 300! I still have more characters to add in here and there, and to finish all the line art, and this too should be ready for coloring pretty soon!


Some older, much requested bitey-humping scene! Halfway in, I realized certain things aren't looking as right as I'd like them to be, but once I've ironed out all the problems here it should be good to go for coloring :3

Posted by tenku-the-gastropod - December 5th, 2018

I'll be uploading all of my pics as time goes, in chronological order. Some of the older gen ones still have some... outdated signatures, but I suppose I'll keep them for the extra historical authenticity and/or 'rip in shaghetti never forgetti' feel :D

That's one hell of a nostalgia trip, not only am I going through all the drawings I've previously made, but my entire childhood just got a whole lot spicier, now there'll surely be a lot of catching up to do in my man-child years. 

I've provided a Hentai-Foundry link in the bio to check out my stuff, until I have finished here! _@//